Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for planning your Casino night. Remember, Classic Casino Party Rentals can help you with any of these steps, throughout your planning process.

casino playing cards1.Put thought into your game selection
The games you pick can be crucial to the success of your party. Often Blackjack is the most popular Casino game, so it is a wise idea to have more Blackjack tables than anything else. If you are able to get a sense of the games your guests like to play beforehand, it can help you in your selection process.


Craps Deluxe2.Use high quality equipment
If you want to impress your guests, high quality equipment is a must. It helps create an authentic Casino atmosphere, and gives your guests a sense that they are truly high rollers. Please browse our catalogue to see how our quality makes the difference!


Entertainers3.  Details, details, details
To create the complete Casino experience for your guests, it takes a little more than just renting Casino games. Consider taking it up a notch by including Casino-style décor and entertainment. Have your guests pose in front of giant playing cards or have them interact with our dazzling Las Vegas Showgirls or Celebrity Impersonators.


casino event pics (146)4.  Hire a professional dealer
Hiring professional dealers will make your Casino Event run more efficiently, as well as making it more authentic. Volunteer dealers often mean that you’ll be relying on friends or co-workers to fill these roles – but hiring professional dealers means that everyone gets to enjoy the event!


Casino woman winning5.  Get your guests into a competitive frame of mind
The more competitive you make the game play, the more fun your guests will have. Offer prizes and incentives, so guests will want to keep playing. Consider having prizes for the people who make the most funny money, or let people exchange their funny money for raffle tickets.